Organizers and participants:


"Association of international youth cooperation and tourism”
Linnaeus University, Global Alumni Alliance, All-Russian research Institute of Phytopathology, Association of graduates of St. Petersburg universities in Poland, North-West State Technical University


We invite students, graduate students, and young scientists (up to 35 y.o.), also managers, researchers, professors.

The ECOBALTICA forum has been held regularly since 1996. Venue Saint Petersburg (1996-2014), Moscow (2014-2016), Grodno (Belarus, 2017), Copenhagen ( Denmark,2018), Gdansk ( Poland, 2019), St.-Petersburg (Russia, 2020). The forum program usually includes an average of 150-200 scientific reports.

Information for authors who have presented papers at the ECOBALTICA Forum and who wish to submit extended abstracts of their reports (articles) for publication in a special issue of the IOP conference series EES journal (included in the Scopus databases) in 2022.

Below is information for those who would like and plan to submit their extended abstracts (articles) in a journal indexed in Scopus databases.


We have an agreement with the IOP EES magazine to publish a separate collection.

We are hereby collecting extended abstracts (articles) prepared according to the IOP rules from authors who have submitted their reports and have a desire to be published in the IOP EES journal.

Your extended abstracts will need to be submitted by 20.02.2022 to the organizers of the forum by e-mail at ecobaltica-2021@mail.ru  and at the same time duplicate to the address feb-2021@mail.ru. The subject of the letter should indicate the number of the thesis (all reports have it), the number of the section, the authors, and the title of the report.

This letter will be a confirmation of the desire of the team of authors to be published in and consent to the rules of publication.

All the rules are given specifically so that the authors control the completeness of the presentation and the form of providing information. Did not return with a request to confirm receipt. We remind you that for communication and questions there is a group of the Ecobaltica forum on the Viber network:


Please write all questions and communication to the group.

If you have sent everything, everything is fine, if something is not sent– it will make it difficult to print the article. the IOP journal.

Please read the information above and below carefully. It is very important.


The articles of the speakers of the sections - no less than 4 pages, no more than 6 pages.

The articles of the Plenary Speakers should be no less than 4 pages and no more than 8 pages.


In order to avoid design errors, we recommend making publications by inserting text and graphic information into the sample provided by the publisher, placed as part of the publication requirements https://publishingsupport.iopscience.iop.org/questions/templates-and-guidelines-for-proceedings-papers/, as well as attached as part of the documents to this letter


Authors submitting their articles for publication in this journal,

* Familiarized with:

- the policy of expert evaluation of materials


- with the procedure for publishing IOP materials


- with the rules for publishing conference materials


- with the license agreement


- with the personal data processing policy http://vniif.ru/vniif/docs/

Scientific directions of the forum


1. Ecology of agricultural territories:

- advanced technologies to increase soil fertility and ensure food security, study of environmental aspects of the use of fertilizers


- ecology of crop production and protection of agricultural crops from diseases, pests and weeds


- modern system solutions for phytosanitary monitoring, management


- intelligent environmental projects for veterinary medicine and improving the efficiency of animal husbandry, poultry farming


- innovative projects of modernization and development of new

agricultural machinery and digital solutions and devices

-Assessment of the ecological state of water ecosystems, maintaining water purity and water balance of agricultural territories

2. Waste management:

- waste management, effective methods of circular waste recycling

- dredging of bottom sediments in bays and harbors

- extraction of glass dumps

- land reclamation and restoration of disturbed ecosystems

3. Energy:

- waste as a renewable, "green" energy source

- advanced technical solutions and digital systems for "distributed" energy, ecology of efficient agriculture, construction of "smart" houses and " eco " settlements

- development of integrated photovoltaic energy systems for use in agricultural areas

- Issues of agriphotovoltaics development in the Baltic region countries, ideas, projects, difficulties.

4. Education:

- issues of training new qualified personnel for ecology, energy and sustainable development of territories within the framework of international training programs.

- bachelor's and master's degrees for foreign educational programs.

- issues of organization and practical implementation of pre-master's programs for international education programs.

5. Volunteering and ecotourism:

- the main trends of youth environmental volunteering: connection with science, education.

- youth and ecotourism.


Forum History

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The greatest number of times the forum was supported by:

Swedish Institute


Russian Academy of Sciences

Federal state budgetary scientific institution "all-Russian research Institute of Phytopathology"

Kalmar municipality (Sweden)

Administration of St. Petersburg and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

Kalmar University - University of Linnaeus (Sweden)

We are pleased to invite You to the forum "ECOBALTICA"-2020 and hope for a close and mutually beneficial cooperation with You!!!

Alexey Glinushkin

Chairman Of the Forum Presidia,

Director of the Institute, doctor of agricultural Sciences, PhD, Professor of RAS  


William Hogland

International Director of Forum ECOBALTICA,

Prof. Linneas University,



Vasily Rud'

The Chair of program Commettee of Forum“ECOBALTICA”,

Prof., Dr. Sc., PhD